Three Funerals and a Coronation
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Delivered By
William Pope
Delivered On
July 14, 2019 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
2 Samuel 2-4
The Life of David

Even when God promises us that something is going to happen, that does not mean that He will bring it to pass overnight. David had to wait 20 years from the time he was first promised he would be King of all Israel (around 17 years old) until it came to pass (when he was 37 years old) We must learn the lesson of patience and trusting God to bring His will to pass. Remember during those 20 years David had opportunities to “hurry things along” by killing Saul, but he refused. He left it in God’s hands and allowed God’s timing to work out. We must learn the same lesson of patient trusting in God’s timing and trust our future to Him.

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