Righteousness, Self-Control, and The Judgment to Come
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Delivered By
William Pope
Delivered On
January 27, 2019 at 11:00 AM
Central Passage
Acts 23:11 - Acts 24
Book of Acts Study

Sometime around 57AD, Felix, a morally corrupt governor of a backwoods Roman province called Judea, would have brought before him a prisoner to examine. That prisoner was the Apostle Paul. Felix, a former slave who had been appointed to this post through the intervention of an influential brother, was known as ill-tempered, corrupt, and without morals, even by pagan Roman standards. The Roman historian, Tacitus described Felix this way, "with all manner of ferocity and lust, he wielded the power of a king with the temper of a slave.” His wife Drusilla, whom he had convinced to leave her first husband through the promises of a "magician" was by his side as Paul spoke before them. The Book of Acts records that as Paul spoke, Felix "trembled". What did Paul say that gave this powerful, but wicked man, a severe case of "the shakes?"

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