Delivered By
William Pope
Delivered On
April 8, 2012
Central Passage
1 Cor 15:1-10
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Your House is not on Fire! That didn't relieve you? That was good news but you didn't appreciate it because you had not received the bad news that your house was on fire first! The Gospel is Good News but often the only people who embrace it are those who first understand the bad news. In this message we see 7 people who were eager to embrace the "Good News" because each of them were living with "bad news" first. We will see a man who was a failure, a group of quitters, a weeping woman, two down and out men, one doubter, a very angry man, and lastly.  well you will have to listen to see his problem. What a difference the "Good News" of the Ressurection made in each of their lives and what a difference it can make in yours as well!